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Child Support Attorney in Livingston Parish, Louisiana

Make Sure Your Child Has the Financial Support They Need

Retain a Child Support Attorney in Baton Rouge, LA

You don't want your children to suffer because of your divorce. Make sure your children's financial needs are met by hiring a child support attorney. Hodges Law Firm can help you negotiate child support agreements in Baton Rouge, LA. Whether you're creating a new agreement or revisiting your current child support arrangement, attorney Russell Hodges can help.

Legal matters related to family law can get complicated quickly- attorney Russell Hodges strives to make your child support negotiations easy. Call now to make an appointment with a child support attorney in Baton Rouge, LA. Se habla español.

Prioritize Your Child's Future

What Factors Influence Child Support Negotiations?

Are you and your former spouse at odds about your child support agreement? Maybe you're paying more than you think is fair, or maybe your former spouse isn't contributing Parent's hand holding the hand of a childenough. There are several different factors that could influence the outcome of your case, such as:

  • Individual incomes

  • Individual expenses

  • Health care needs

  • Educational costs

  • Custody arrangements

Your attorney will make sure your needs are known in the courtroom. Reach out now to discuss your case with attorney Russell Hodges.