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Legal Representation For Theft Charges In Denham Springs

Theft and property crimes are more serious than many people think. Felony or misdemeanor charges can carry hefty fines and penalties, including jail time and probation.

Felony charges are much more serious than misdemeanors. In Louisiana, robbery or theft charges are classified as felonies if the item stolen is worth $500 or more. Since felony charges carry much stricter penalties, it is vital to work with a lawyer as soon as you have been arrested.


Don't Go To Court On Your Own

Russell Ruben Hodges II of Hodges Law Firm is a former prosecutor and can help defend your rights. He has decades of experience helping clients facing the following misdemeanor or felony charges:

  • Robbery
  • Armed robbery
  • Theft
  • Trespassing
  • Juvenile crimes

Arrests can allow the police to search you for other illegal items. This can result in additional criminal charges that can carry even harsher penalties.

Russell Hodges makes sure your rights are not violated and that all charges are based on evidence that was obtained legally. He reviews your case to make sure that he understands the circumstances leading up to the arrest and what options are available to dismiss the charges or reduce the penalties.

Contact An Attorney Right Away

The Hodges Law Firm is in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Russell Hodges represents clients throughout the area, including in Livingston Parish and Louisiana. To learn more about how he can help protect your rights, call him at 225-665-5454 or fill out his online contact form.

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